Foundation year. Mr. Contu Antonino opens the first workshop located in Turin. The first activity consists in small mechanical machining for the auto industry. The company quickly gained a place of absolute and stable importance between the companies that make equipment and industrial automation.

General Manager


Opening the plant in Cascine Vica Rivoli (Turin). A.G.M. ITALIANA shall provide itself with the first automatic milling machine. The activities will continue with success in various sectors. In particular in the automotive field, with collaborations with important customers like Fiat, Iveco, Pegaso, in the various plants both Italian and foreign. A.G.M. ITALIANA also acquires experience in specific areas as aeronautics and military.


A.G.M. ITALIANA is on the first engineering company of Piedmont to obtain the Quality Certification ISO 9001-94. A.G.M. ITALIANA is confirmed as a leading firm on tool machining and chip-forming machining.


Opening a second plant in Rosta (Turin).


The company makes significant investments and gives itself machining centres for milling and boring of large dimensions, that enables A.G.M. to be among the few companies on Italian territory in a position to make mechanical  working of this large size.


Transition from ISO 9001-94, to ISO 9001-2000.



A new milling centre.
Milling centre PAVENTA.
Axis X 6000 mm
Axis Y 1000 mm
Axis Z 1100 mm
Numerical control SELCA. Machine is equipped with No.2 rotating tables of 5 ton. each



Two new milling and boring centres for large dimensions works.
No.1 milling and boring centre FPT
Axis X 14000 mm
Axis Y 5000 mm
Axis Z 2500 mm
Numerical control SIEMENS. Machine is equipped with No.2 rotating tables of 50 ton. each
No.1 milling and boring centre COLGAR
Axis X 12000 mm
Axis Y 5000 mm
Axis Z 2400 mm
Numerical control SIEMENS. Machine is equipped with No.2 rotating tables of 50 ton. each



A.G.M. ITALIANA is a strong company which, thanks to its experience and KNOW-HOW acquired during many years, is able to offer full services, raging from machining to quality certifications, ensuring maximum quality. A.G.M. ITALIANA is provided with an important structure from the dimensions point of view and equipped with machines at the forefront.
A.G.M. ITALIANA is able to realize large dimensions machining of parts of scope up to 60 tonnes and of dimensions up to 25 metres, with machining centres of 4 axes.



In the future our commitment and investment are continuing in all business divisions and market sectors…